President wants to liven up childrens movies

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) wants to liven up childrens films made in the country.

"The president called me and expressed his worry over childrens movies and songs while more movies have been released lately," Head of Indonesian Creative Economy Agency Triawan Munaf said at the presidential palace on Friday.

Munaf came to the palace along with Mira Lesmana, a famous childrens movie maker, to meet President Widodo. Mira Lesmana had successfully produced The Adventure of Sherina in 2000 which starred Triawans daughter, Sherina Munaf.

"Mr. Jokowi supported the plan of movie making. He will even visit the shooting locations which will be in Java. Several actresses will be in the movie namely Marsha Timothy, Mimi, and Lili Latisha," he said.

The movie soundtrack will be chosen through a childrens song writing competition, while the theme of the film will be nature in Indonesia.

"The themes of the film include loving Indonesias nature, appreciating Indonesian language, and friendship and family. We will persuade people to contribute to creating the song which will be included in the soundtrack," Lesmana said.

The movie is set to release June 28, 2018 and it is hoped it will motivate other artists.

Lesmana said she actually felt a vacuum for ten years since making her last childrens film, The Rainbow Troops. She also hoped this movie could motivate other producers to make childrens movies.

Source: ANTARA News

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