Raids on imported canned sardines should be increased

Palangkaraya, C Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - Central Kalimantans legislators have urged the local government along with Indonesias National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) and law enforcement agencies to step up surveillance and conduct raids on imported canned foods.

Member of Commission B of Central Kalimantans Regional House of Representatives Syahruddin Durasid reported here on Friday the findings of imported canned sardines that might contain worms in the Riau Islands Province.

"Information on the findings of import canned sardines has been widespread, including in Central Kalimantan. We need to conduct raids on grocery shops that sell cans, especially imported ones," he remarked.

Syahruddin called to disseminate information on the findings of imported sardines containing worms in order to make buyers aware while buying food items.

"Socialization is an obligation that must be conducted as a precautionary measure. Hopefully, the people would not consume worm-infested sardines anymore," he noted.

Member of Commission A of the Central Kalimantan Provincial Parliament Nataliasi also supported the initiative to raise awareness, as it not only focused on imported canned sardines but also on different types of food and healthy snacks.

Basically, all types of canned foods are dangerous. The local government and BPOM are intensifying the promotion of healthy foods and snacks to the people and children.

"In addition to importing sardines containing worms, several food items currently contain dyes and harmful substances," she noted.

Earlier, the BPOM of Pekanbaru had confirmed reports of worms found in canned sardines following laboratory tests.

The identified brands are IO, Farmer Jack, and HOKI, as published on the regional website

Source: ANTARA News

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