JAKARTA, Indonesia Indonesian President Joko Widodo is taking a page from the achievements of several Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, for their stunning economic development.

We are a big country, with huge human resources, but in terms of exports we lose to Malaysia," he was quoted by the Indonesian media as saying.

Hence, he wants relevant ministries and government agencies, including provincial governments throughout Indonesia, to improve their economic development and reduce bureaucracy, as well as facilitate foreign investment inflows into the country.

"If we continue to resist change as what I had said, then we will be left behind even by Laos and Cambodia," he said.

Joko Widodo, or Jokowi as he is affectionately known, said with enormous human resources, Indonesia should be more developed than other Southeast Asian countries.

"Look at Thailand, its 2016-2017 exports were worth US$231 billion, Malaysia US$184 billion, Vietnam US$160 billion, but ours (Indonesia) only US$145 billion.

This is a fact, being a large country, we lose to Thailand with a population of 68 million, Malaysia 31 million, Vietnam 92 million. Despite massive resources, we lose," he said at the State Palace here Wednesday.

Source: NAM News Network

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