Jokowis policy always oriented to small peoples interest : Kristiyanto

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Secretary of the Jokowi-Kyai Maruf Amin National Campaign Team, Hasto Kristiyanto, said the decision to cancel the premium price increase shows that President Joko Widodos consistency in making the small people always be oriented to its economic policy.

"Politics is seen from the final decision, that there is a dynamic in the setting of fuel prices which is normal. The decision to cancel the premium price shows that in terms of strategic matters, the schedule is indeed in the President, "Hasto said in a statement received on Thursday.

For this reason, Hasto also expressed his appreciation for President Joko Widodos decision not to raise Premium prices.

"Premium is in direct contact with the lives of many people. Its different from pertamax which is more consumed by luxury cars, "Hasto said.

According to him, this step is a very appropriate policy mix and shows the main concern of President Joko Widodo prioritizing the interests of the poor.

Hasto also emphasized that the cancellation of the premium price increase was consistent with the character of President Jokowis leadership who always listened to the voice of the people, even in the most remote places.

"The disastrous tradition that Pak Jokowi continues to do has built leadership sensitivity from the people, by the people and for the people," he said.

At the same time the energy policy of the Jokowi Government showed the right direction, which was marked by an increase in Indonesian sovereignty in the energy sector.

"Judging from the energy mix policy, the presence of hydro power plants, including micro hydro, geothermal energy; and the Bayu power plant, which for the first time was built in Indonesia with a capacity of 75 MW, and the presence of a solar power plant that continues to be developed is evidence of the strengthening of sovereignty in the energy sector, "Hasto said

Thus the increase in the price of non-subsidized fuels, such as Pertamax to Rp.10,400 per liter from Rp9,500 and the cancellation of the increase in premium prices indicate the importance of aspects of justice in price regulation of commodities related to the lives of many people.

Source: ANTARA News

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