VP urges police to improve role in maintaining stability

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Vice President Jusuf Kalla has urged the Indonesian National Police to enhance its role in maintaining state security and stability amid the vicious circle of economic, political, and social conditions.

The vice president remarked that the vicious circle existed in mutually influencing relations in the political, social, and economic fields of a country.

"The police should improve its role in maintaining order and security, so that a favorable condition could be created for developing the economy, which will eventually improve the political and social conditions. After all, the vicious circle will continue to take place," Kalla noted.

The vice president made the remarks in his directives at a seminar organized by the National Police Senior Staff and Command School for the 2018 academic year here on Monday.

Kalla remarked that relationships that influence one another in these three fields must be balanced, so that stability of the Indonesian state can be maintained. With good order and security conditions, the investment climate in Indonesia can run smoothly, so that economic conditions and the peoples welfare can be maintained.

"If public order or security is disturbed, it will also affect the economy. No one will make an investment if public order is disturbed and if there is rampant robbery and crimes. No one will make an investment in Indonesia (in such a condition)," he stressed.

If there is no investment, especially from a foreign country to Indonesia, then it will drive economic conditions steadily backwards, with the potential of causing chaos due to rampant unemployment.

"If there is social chaos, then politics can become violent and problematic, and the government can fall. If politics falls, it becomes more difficult to maintain order, as public discussions continue about politics and restoring back to normal the economy, social affairs, and politics. This a problematic vicious circle," he explained.

Hence, the police, as a party that plays an important role and is responsible for domestic security conditions, must improve its performance in accordance with the current developments in information technology.

"One of the points of this endless circle is order, which is certainly the responsibility of the police. Hence, how to convince the people about this," he added.

Source: ANTARA News

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