W Java offers investment opportunities to Russian investors

Bandung, W Java, (ANTARA News) - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil offered Russian investors business opportunities in various sectors such as infrastructure, transportation, resettlement, agriculture, tourism and education.

"Projects we are offering could reach a value of Rp268 trillion in these sectors for a period of five years to come. We also offer agricultural export commodities, expecially Java preanger coffee," the governor said here on Thursday.

According to Kamil in a press statement the regional government of West Java has also released its investment potential plan which covered infrastructure, transportation, resettlement, agriculture, tourism and education sectors.

The governor made the offer to Russian businesses and investors who are members of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They met in Moscow on Wednesday (Oct 17).

The Governor of West Java was warmly welcomed by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice President, Suren Wardanyan and entrepreneurs interested in investing in Indonesia.

"With a contribution of 31 percent to national investment, West Java is still the most attractive province for both domestic and foreign investors," he said.

He said that dozens of investment potentials in West Java from various sectors as well as competitive investment incentive are factors that have created interest and realization of investment in West Java," he continued.

After listening to the presentation of the West Java Governor, Suren was enthusiastically welcoming the offer to open Indonesian cafes and restaurants in Moscow with specialties of typical West Java coffee.

"For the opening of an Indonesian restaurant in Moscow with a special dish of West Java coffee, I will send one local businessman from the Moscow Restaurant Association to immediately follow up on the plan," Suren said.

Furthermore, related to infrastructure investment offers, Suren said that it is very relevant to the interests and expertise of investors in Russia.

"We are experienced in the construction of Highway, Railway, Airport and Seaport so we will be very interested in responding to Ridwan Kamils offer to invest in West Java," he continued.

One of Moscows entrepreneurs who is also the Chairman of Russias Trade Division of Russias Trade, Konstantin Mezhankov, also enthusiastically expressed his interest in investing in the agricultural sector, especially the development of nursery technology, vegetable and paddy commodities in West Java.

"We have the technology of producing high yielding rice and vegetables that can be developed in West Java," he said.

Responding to that, the West Java governor invited Moscows Chamber of Commerce to visit West Java to conduct further observation.

Emil expects no later than August 2019, coinciding with the participation of West Java in the event of Indonesias Festival in Moscow, Moscow entrepreneurs and West Java government would have been able to realize trade and investment cooperation.

Source: ANTARA News

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