40 writers attend Banda fiesta literary festival

Banda Naira, Maluku, (ANTARA News) - At least 40 writers and poets from five allied countries as members of the Serumpun State Cultural Literature (PSBNS) attended a Banda Fiesta literary festival here on Wednesday.

The participating writers and poets are from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam and Thailand, including the noted writers such as Malim Ghozali, Rohani Din, Yatiman Yusof, Free Hearty, Sari Narulita, Shinta Miranda, Hisham bin Mohamed Ramli, Nik Rakib, and Muhammad bin Pg Damit.

The writers and poets shared their knowledge and experience at the Banda Fiesta which included seminars and workshops on literary theater, literary writing, literary journalism, poetry readings in Benteng Belgica, international seminars "World Literature and Literature World Trend", tracing the history of Banda and mini-performances theater stage.

The Banda Fiesta literary festival is scheduled to take place until October 27, 2018, in several locations, one of which is the Mini Palace complex, involving the Banda Naira Literature community (Sabana), students, local students and teachers.

Previously the literary writers and poets of allied countries had also provided novel books, anthology of poetry and short stories of their work to the Education and Culture office of Central Maluku District, as a form of appreciation for literary development in Banda.

Singaporean writer and novelist Rohani Din, better known as Mother Anie Din, said she had come to Indonesia many times for various literary events, but this was the first time she visited Banda.

Source: ANTARA News

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