Religious leaders asked to promote awareness of diversity

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked religious leaders to help promote awareness among their communities that Indonesia is a big country with diversity.

"Religious and community leaders have the function to continuously build the awareness of communities that Indonesia is a big nation which is diverse," the President said when opening the meeting of church leaders and rectors of all Indonesian Christian universities in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The head of state said that virtually the problem of diversity had finished. "Since the beginning until now, we have finished the problem of diversity. Other countries are impressed to look at us," Jokowi said.

He mentioned that Indonesia has 714 tribes with 17 thousand islands, 1,100 local languages, 514 cities and districts and 34 provinces.

"Our population now has reached 260 million. We are blessed by God with diversity and differences. Virtually, the problem of diversity has been finished," he noted.

According to the head of state, the Indonesian people have no longer problem with the diversity because there had been consensus among the nations founding fathers.

"But because of district head election, mayor election, governor election, presidential election, the (problem) begins from here. It begins from politics (election) which is held every five years," Jokowi added.

He mentioned (the elections) have caused the emergence of uncivilized politics, which is unethical, which is not of Indonesian manners.

"(They) use agitation, slanderous and devide et impera politics to seize a seat, a power and thus they justify all means. This is the beginning of the emergence of the problem," Jokowi said.

He acknowledged that it was because of this condition that he happened to mention the existence of sontoloyo (silly) politicians.

"I was annoyed, I never used words like that. Because I was annoyed, I came out with such a word. I usually can restrain but because of being annoyed, how I could restrain," he said.

He also mentioned that an explosion, even a small one, in countries as diverse as Indonesia could be dangerous. "So I always say that it should immediately be resolved if there are small explosions," he stressed.

Source: ANTARA News

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