Indonesia, Malaysia discuss social, economic issues in border areas

Putussibau, W Kalimantan The Indonesian and Malaysian governments hold the Malindo Socio-Economic meeting for the border areas in West Kalimantan, in Sibu Negeri Serawak, Malaysia.

"The Social-Economic Malindo meeting stresses the importance of harmony between the two countries in the socio-economic life in border areas," Chairman of the Malindo Social-Economic Working Group for West Kalimantan, Alexander Rombonang, told ANTARA here on Wednesday.

Rombonang stated that the Malindo meeting had been going very well for 34 years.

He noted that under the leadership of President Joko Widodo, the Indonesian Government prioritized various fields of development in the border areas, including social and economic fields.

"The central governments program is also in line with the vision and mission of the Governor of West Kalimantan in promoting economic growth and the welfare of the people in the border areas," Rombonang noted.

According to him, the Trans-boundary Posts in Entikong, Sajingan Besar, and Nanga Badau have been feasible to operate the movement of people and goods or vehicles between the two countries.

The movements at the border posts are allowed based on a joint agreement set up at the grand opening of Lubuk Antu - Badau and Aduk - Biawak, without the official signing of the Border Crossing Agreement (BCA).

"People in border areas, both Indonesians and Malaysians, need each other, and so the cooperation of Malindo Social-Economy should benefit people of both countries," Rombonang remarked.

The Malindo Social-Economic meeting is also attended by Sarawak State officials, Malaysia, and a number of head administrations in the West Kalimantan Province which share borders with Malaysia.

On the meeting, the Head Administration of Kapuas Hulu District, Abang Muhammad Nasir, highlighted several important points that are expected to be jointly agreed, especially related to the movements of sick people who will want to have health treatments in Malaysia.

Other important points are the movements of goods and vehicles for the social life of people in border areas and those related to tourism.

"So far, there have been no regulations regarding caring for sick people, whereas this is important to be a common concern," Nasir revealed, hoping that the Malindo Social-Economic meeting could benefit the two countries, especially for people living in the border areas.

Source: Antara News

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