French entrepreneurs import aromaterapy materials from Indonesia

London (ANTARA News) - Aromatherapy entrepreneurs from French claim that they import a lot of materials from Indonesia such as essential oils from Aceh, West Sumatra, Yogyakarta, Solo, Nusa Tenggara and Maluku which are used for cosmetics, blends / food flavoring, fragrances, perfumes, and the pharmaceutical industry.

This was revealed at the Frankfurt Consulate General meeting with Mayor Grasse and Prodarom businessmen and Gasebo, Grasse, the Economic Consul of the Indonesian Consulate General in Marseille, France, Yonatri Rilmania, told Antara London on Thursday.

The Indonesian Consulate General in Marseille said that Indonesian businessmen, including timber, leather, coffee businessmen, planned to go to Marseille at the end of November.

In the context of the business meeting, the Indonesian Consulate General expects that entrepreneurs from Grasse and their partners can meet with these Indonesian entrepreneurs.

Mayor Grasse, M Viaud welcomed the meeting and said that if there would be an activity organized in Grasse, the district office stated its readiness to help and coordinate.

In a meeting with Prodarom businessman, President Peodarom, Philippe Masse accompanied by members, Proal Eric from Payan Bertrand and Mr. Ian Weale (Argeville / Secretary General) conveyed that he was looking for partners to meet businessmen.

The Indonesian Consulate General in Marseille has offered producers of other bamboo products from Yogyakarta such as mats, bamboo racks, and bamboo curtains to add and enrich the collection of GAZEBOS who want to invest funds by working with Indonesian bamboo companies.

Source: ANTARA News

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