Bakauhenis executive pier to operate end of year

Bandarlampung, (ANTARA News) - The executive pier of Bakauhenis port in South Lampung will begin to be operational at the end of 2018 to increase port activities and support the Trans Sumatra Toll Road.

"The executive pier of Bakauhenis port will be inaugurated at the end of the year or before Christmas Day and 2019 New Year 2019," Head of Lampungs Transportation Service Qodratul Ikhwan said here on Friday.

He said that the construction of the executive wharf can increase the number of vehicles and passengers transported through the Bakauhenis port.

"The executive pier is equipped with a boarding lounge, valet parking, as well as food and beverage retail. The port time is set to a maximum of 45 minutes," he said.

Special services also apply so that there will also be different tariff rates. Yet regular service users will remain to enjoy regular tariff services at pier 1-5.

Ships operating on the executive dock should have a minimum ship speed standard of 15 knots," he said.

In addition, there are VIP and Executive cabins that provide reclining seats, air conditioners, toilets, live music, bars or canteens, and prayer rooms. Most importantly, the shipping time from Merak to Bakauheni is a maximum of 1 hour.

"If it has been operational, private car drivers can choose the executive dock because it is faster than other wharves," he said.

Ikhwan explained that the executive wharf service can be enjoyed not only by service users who want to cross, but non-crossing visitors can also enjoyed a variety of commercial facilities and lifestyles.

Of course this pier will improve services for crossing people and goods from Sumatra Island to Java or vice versa.

"I am very happy that the executive dock can operate later, because the number of ship transportation can be increased," he said.

This executive dock will be connected to the Trans Sumatra toll road, which also operates at the end of 2018 or before Christmas and New Year 2019.

Source: ANTARA News

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