Jokowi wants to win “big” in W Java

Bandung, (ANTARA News) - Presidential candidate number 01 Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, wants the Jokowi-KH Maruf Amin pair to win "big" in the 2019 Presidential Election contest in West Java Province.

"I have a feeling. I think in West Java, Jokowi-KH Maruf Amin can win, but the chance is less. But I want to win "big" (with a lot of votes). Insha Allah, if it is done door to door, we will be able to win big in West Java," the president stated, while giving a speech at the West Java Regional Campaign and Consolidation Team for the Jokowi-Maruf Pair in Bandung, on Saturday.

In front of hundreds of cadres and sympathizers of the supporting party, Jokowi, wearing a gray shirt and a tie, conveyed a number of things, such as asking cadres and sympathizers of bearer parties to ward off hoaxes or hoaxes about him.

"We have to be very clever; we have to respond quickly to the issue of hoaxes or slander. In West Java, lately, hoaxes have risen sharply. We have to fight them," he noted.

He remarked that the issue of hoax which attacked him was related to a foreign issue or terming him as an "alien extension" even though it was not true.

In addition, he also asked the legislative candidates from the supporting party in West Java to answer various negative issues and hoaxes circulating about him with answers in the form of facts to the public.

"The incumbent must be highlighted, and failure and shortcomings must be sorted certainly everywhere. Therefore, we must be very clever in explaining to the people what we have done and what success the government has achieved," he explained.

He added that hoaxes related to foreign minions were a matter of Indonesian shares in Freeport, Papua.

In fact, according to him, initially, Indonesias shares in Freeport were only 9 percent now to 51 percent.

"America has Freeport for decades. Always, every extension, we get only nine percent. We ask for the majority. This year, the 51 percent agreement is legally an agreement. It is very difficult, if we are getting pressure from everywhere and not an easy thing," he elaborated.

He is also often referred to as a Chinese stooge on the grounds, as there are 10 million Chinese workers in Indonesia. He explained that the 10 million data is not worker data, but the number of Chinese tourists to Indonesia.

"So the truth is that out of 78 thousand total foreign workers in Indonesia, there are 24 thousand from China. Our migrant workers are 80 thousand in China and 100 thousand in Hong Kong. The remaining are hundreds of thousands.

Then, there are 80 percent of foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates, 33 percent in Saudi Arabia, 32 percent in Brunei, 22 percent in Singapore, and 1 percent in Indonesia, "he revealed.

He advised the cadres from the supporting party to discuss all the success of the development they have achieved to the people in a simple and easily understandable language.

"The people must be explained in simple terms. We must convey all the successes of the development that has been achieved and deter all hoaxes," he pointed out.

Source: ANTARA News

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