West Java to build four retention basins to tackle flooding

Bandung, W. Java (ANTARA News) - West Java Governor M Ridwan Kamil (Emil) has proposed the construction of four retention basins to cope with flooding that continues to hit a number of areas in the province.

Emil wanted the retention basins like the one in Cieunteung, in the district of Bandung, to cope with flooding in the Baleendah area, Dayeuhkolot, Banjaran and other areas in the district.

"At least we need three to four more retention basins as big as the Cieunteung retention basin to hold overflow of water," he said here on Monday.

He said the Cieunteung retention basin in the district of Bandung functions to hold overflow of rain water , bit its capacity is not enough to cope with flooding in Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot and Banjaran.

He said the proposal would be included in the 2019 regional budget.

He said currently his attention needs to be focused on revitalization of the Citarum river, one of the most polluted rivers in the world.

The Cieunteung retention basin holds overflow of water from the Citarum river.

Source: ANTARA News

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