Britain, Indonesia collaborate to improve medical quality

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Britain and Indonesia collaborated through Health Education workshops to improve the quality of medical personnel, especially for Indonesia, through cooperation and mutual exchange of inter-professional health experiences.

Based on information from the British Embassy in Jakarta on Saturday, the Health Education workshop was held by several Indonesian and English institutions, namely the Department of International Trade of the British Embassy (DIT), the Young Indonesian Professional Health Community (IYHPS), and the Joint Research Ministry Committee Technology and Higher Education-Ministry of Health.

"I hope this workshop will produce useful discussions and can expand partnerships between Indonesia and the UK in the health sector in the near future," Deputy Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Indonesia Rob Fenn stated.

At present, the UK National Health Service System (NHS) is the largest integrated health system in the world that uses the latest technology and pioneers a number of world-leading approaches to health education.

In the context of the UK-Indonesia collaboration in the field of health, health experts and UK professionals have traveled to Indonesia to share their experiences in addressing health problems and challenges to their working partners in Indonesia.

The Health Education Workshop in Jakarta discussed Indonesias focus on developing the application of inter-professional education or "Inter-professional Education" (IPE) and collaborative practice or "Collaborative Practice" (CP).

The workshop will continue into the second phase of collaboration with UK experts in Health Education to practically understand the best formulas for the application of IPE and CP for health education institutions, teaching hospitals, and generation empowerment future in adopting and maintaining best practices.

Several prominent speakers from the UK and Indonesia attended the workshop, including the Chief Executive of the UK Health Education (HEE) Professor Ian Cumming OBE, who shared experiences of best practices that have been done in the UK, and one of the Chairmen of the Joint Committee of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education- the ministry of health Professor Akmal Taher, who spoke on Indonesias progress in developing health services.

In addition to the two figures, health experts in the field of British IPE from the University of Nottingham and University of Reading Malaysia were also present to share their knowledge in designing IPE and the best implementation for collaborative practice (CP) in the current structure of Indonesian health education.

Taher remarked that Indonesia basically hopes the transition from fragmental education to professionalism will improve patient health and safety services in the future.

"We hope this event will bring benefits to both countries through better understanding and sustainable collaboration in the future," he added.

The holding of the workshop was also appreciated by IYHPS Chair Daniel Kambey who said that inter-professional education and collaborative practices in health services could open up new opportunities for increasing bilateral relations between the UK and Indonesia.

"There is a lot of expertise and experience from both parties that can be learned to provide a better understanding in the field. We hope this event will help build ongoing collaboration between institutions in both countries to improve the quality of health services," he pointed out.

Source: ANTARA News

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