Indonesian ambassador receives award from Colombian press organization

Jakarta, Nov 23 (ANTARA News) - Colombian press organization Gacetas de Colombia bestowed "the Best Member of Diplomatic Corps in Colombia" award on Indonesian Ambassador to Colombia Priyo Iswanto for contributing to improve Colombian societys positive perception towards the Indonesian government.

"For its services in enhancing and strengthening bilateral relations between Indonesia and Colombia, the Gacetas de Colombia organization awarded the Colibri de Plata award to the Indonesian ambassador to Colombia, as the best member of the Diplomatic Corps in Colombia," according to a press release from the Indonesian Embassy to Colombia, received here on Friday morning.

Director/Founder of the Gacetas de Colombia organization Jose Gamez Lopez stated on the eve of the celebration of Gacetas de Colombia at the Convention Center Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, Bogota, that the Gacetas de Colombia organization, which houses the Red de Prensa Colombiana (Colombian Press Network), is a self-help community institution comprising over 12 thousand members and leaders of the Colombian mass media.

Lopez remarked that since 2009, this organization had given the "The Best of the Country" annual award to Colombias journalists, reporters, and community leaders, who have recorded achievements.

"For the first time in 2018, our organization gave awards to a member of the diplomatic corps, as a tangible proof of our appreciation for services in enhancing and strengthening perceptions and enhancing Colombian relations with Indonesia, in a positive direction," Lopez emphasized.

For the record, Ambassador Iswanto has several achievements under his belt since serving as the Indonesian chief of representative in Bogota: Colombias entry as a member of the Council of World Palm Oil Producing Countries in 2018, improved understanding or perception of Colombian people towards Indonesia and vice versa, and increased people-to-people relations as is apparent by the increase in visits by tourists, students, and scholarship recipients of both nations.

This award will boost our motivation, both personally and for the Indonesian representatives in Bogota, to continue to work harder to encourage increased relations and bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Colombia, Ambassador Iswanto stated, adding that this award was the second one from the organization of Colombian people accepted after May 23, 2018.

Source: ANTARA News

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