Situbondo expects to attract more tourists in 2019

Situbondo, E Java, Nov 23 (ANTARA News) - The Situbondo district government has planned to launch the Visit Situbondo Year 2019 program in mid-December of 2018 by introducing several new tourist destinations, including the "Village of Grouper," a government official stated.

With more destinations on offer, Situbondo expects to receive more domestic and foreign travelers. This year, some 470 thousand domestic and foreign tourists had visited the district, Head of the districts tourism office Sofwan Hadi stated here on Friday.

"We have set a target of increasing the number of tourist arrivals up to at least 15 percent as compared to that of this year," Hadi remarked, adding that most tourists visited the picturesque white sandy beach of Pasir Putih Village in Bungatan Sub-district.

The travelers have also frequented the Baluran National Park in Banyuputih Sub-district, but the district government has prepared more destinations to be explored by both local and foreign tourists, he remarked.

Among the new tourist sites introduced to people are the Village of Grouper, Blekok Tourist Village, and Rengganis Peak of Mount Argopuro, he noted.

The district government has yet to decide a place to launch the Visit Situbondo Year 2019 program, but Situbondo District Head Dadang Wigiarto said he had considered to choose the Village of Grouper in Gundil Hamlet, Kalatakan Village, Kendit Sub-district.

The village, whose residents are involved in breeding groupers by using floating net cages, is considered ideal, as it has relatively good infrastructure and offers scenic views of the beaches and mountain, he stated.

Seconding Wigiartos view, Deputy Head of Situbondo District Yoyok Mulyadi remarked that the launch will simultaneously be held at the Village of Grouper and Rengganis resort area of Mount Argopuro in Sumbermalang Sub-district.

Source: ANTARA News

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