Presence of women in politics important: Researcher

Yogyakarta Amid the emergence of political currents that want to undermine unity in nation and state, the presence of women in national politics is considered important, according to a researcher from Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Prof R Siti Zuhro.

"Women have the rights in constitution and democracy as citizens to participate in national politics," Zuhro remarked at an international seminar on the Role of Women in National Education and Politics at Aisyiyah University in Yogyakarta on Sunday.

She said that as the state assets, women must be given an equal place as as men in politics, because according to her, the number of population of women and men is relatively the same.

Zuhro said that of a total population of 265 million in 2018 in Indonesia, there are 133.17 million men and 131.88 million women. Hence, 49.77 percent of the total population is women.

On that basis, women must build national political power as an expression of their partiality to the interests of the people. The struggle of women in the public world has a long history, and representation of Indonesian women in parliament experiences ups and downs.

"The low representation of women in parliament can be an indicator of the low role of women in political parties," she said.

Source: Antara News

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