W Java promotes investment potentials to businesses in Texas

Bandung, W Java (ANTARA News) - Provincial government of West Java offered a number of investment opportunities to American businesses based in Houston, Texas.

Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa was sent by Governor Ridwan Kamil to attend the Indonesia Business Forum, held by the Indonesian Consulate General in Houston and the Capital Investment Board in in Houston, Texas.

"This is a routine agenda held by the Indonesian Consulate General in Houston and is attended by businesses under the Houston Chambers of Commerce," said Iwa Karniwa in a statement received here, Sunday.

The provincial government of West Java, he continued, was given the opportunity to give presentations on the potential sectors that can be explored by the businesses in Houston.

Karniwa explained that the projects presented include the International Airport of West Java and the Airports Aerocity in the sub-district of Majalengka, as well as the Bandung Metropolitan Urban Railways in Bandung Raya.

"The accessibility project to the International Airport include the construction of Railways and Toll Road; there is also the Regional Waste Management Project in Bandung sub-district and the construction of Minihydro Power Plant in Pasir Jambu and Kertamukti," he said.

There are also other projects in the tourism sector, including Panganfaran, Geopark Ciletuh, Pelabuhanratu and a number of other spots that were highlighted.

He believed that there some participants showed interests in reponse to the presentation that was given.

"This forum successfully attracted interests in infrastructure and tourism. It will surely need to still be explored," he continued.

The Provincial government believed that the event provided an opportunity for West Java to give information on the development plans prepared by governor Ridwan Kalim and deputy governor Uu Ruzhanul for the next five years of their administration.

"Aside from attracting interests, our aim is to also introduce West Java to American businesses," he said.

The efforts to introduce West Javas potentials were also displayed in the Indonesia Festival event by introducing the potentials of Java Preanger coffee in the event.

Source: ANTARA News

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