Modernization of “Alutsista” expected to suppress crimes in Indonesian waters

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - House of Representatives Commission III member Ahamd Sahroni is optimistic that modernization of the Weaponry System (Alutsista) in the Water and Air Police (Polairud) Corps would help maintain security and suppress crimes in Indonesian waters.

"I support the modernization of Alutsista in Polairud that can suppress crimes in Indonesian territorial waters and air in future," Sahroni remarked here on Tuesday.

The Nasdem Party politician pointed out that the perpetrators of crimes in the waters not only constantly changed their modus operandi by involving traditional fishermen as a guise but also employed more sophisticated tools, such as telecommunications.

Furthermore, he noted that several alternative paths along the coast of Indonesia had posed a separate obstacle, in terms of supervision.

However, the modernization of Alutsista, including the addition of fleet, is expected to optimize the surveillance of crimes in Indonesian waters.

"The perpetrators of crimes continue to improve their modes of operation in addition to developing the tools they use, one of which is certainly telecommunications. They also make use of several loopholes in the form of small jetties, or commonly called "mouse paths," along the coast of Indonesia," he explained.

Sahroni then expressed hope that with the addition of a fleet of 23 ships and aircraft and Polairud helicopters, supervision in the waters will be maximized, so that smuggling into and out of Indonesia can be suppressed.

He also stressed the importance of synergy between stakeholders in the waters, including with the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla), Indonesian Navy, and Customs.

With the modernization of Alutsista, significant attention is expected to be directed to addressing serious crimes, such as the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and various natural resources as well as illegal sending of migrant workers abroad.

Source: ANTARA News

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