Ministry to improve toll transportation safety rules

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Ministry of Transportation has promised to improve and add regulations to toll road transportation ahead of the opening of the Trans Java Toll Road section from Merak, Banten to Surabaya, East Java, by the end of 2018.

"Later, some regulations related to safety and comfort will be corrected and added. But the safety aspect is the main thing," said Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Budi Setiyadi, during the Pre-Test of Function and Traffic Safety in Surabaya on Friday.

Based on the press release of PT. Jasa Marga Persero, Setiyadi said that prior to the improvement of the regulation, the Ministry of Transportation would coordinate with the Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing; Toll Road Regulatory Agency; and the Traffic Corps of the Indonesian National Police to obtain inputs regarding safety, technical conditions, physical toll roads, and others.

"In the short term, we are voicing to the wider community that we are serious and want Trans Java to be passed by Christmas," Setiyadi said.

On the same occasion, Managing Director of Jasa Marga Desi Arryani said that the feasibility of the Trans Java Toll Road was conducted to ensure physical operation and readiness, as well as safety, before the Merak-Surabaya network was opened to the general public.

"We keep an eye on safety issues, so that road users feel comfortable. Ahead of going home this Christmas, there is still time for us to complete everything from adding signs to other safety devices," said Arryani.

The feasibility pre-test starts from the Surabaya-Mojokerto Toll Road to the Mojokerto-Kertosono Toll Road, resting place 597 B on the Ngawi-Kertosono-Kediri Toll Road, Solo-Ngawi Toll Road, Semarang-Solo Toll Road, Semarang ABC Toll Road, and the Kali Kuto Bridge, which is part of the Batang-Semarang Toll Road.

Source: ANTARA News

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