CABC proposes business class to explore Chinese market

Beijing (ANTARA News) - The China-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) has pointed out the importance of establishing a business class for Indonesian entrepreneurs to help explore and understand the characteristic of Chinese market, in a bid to increase Indonesian export to China.

Executive President of the CABC Xu Ningning said here on Wednesday, the class would give trainings for Indonesian businessmen on how to explore Chinese market and improve the capability to expand their market in China.

"China can help Indonesia in this issue. We can have a business class that would give training on how to explore Chinese market," Ningning said in a discussion on ASEAN-China relations.

He also recommended the establishment of an Indonesian business center in China that could attract not only trade and investment, but tourist as well.

Director for ASEAN Economic Cooperation at Indonesias Foreign Affairs Ministry Ade Petranto welcomed the proposal and said that the business class should also involve academicians and related institutions.

Responding to a suggestion that Indonesia should increase business-to-business cooperation and open each others market, Ade said, the government has provided necessary support and information for businessmen in China and Indonesia to improve business-to-business cooperation that would give mutual benefit for both parties.

"The government has facilitated them. And I believe that there have been communication between them, chamber of commerce in both countries," he said.

In the discussion, Xu Ningning has also complained on the lack of information for Chinese businessmen who want to invest in Indonesia.

"In fact, we have provided the information. Our representatives in Beijing will give them any information on business opportunities in Indonesia," Ade noted.

China is the biggest trade partner of Indonesia with import during the first five months of 2018 has reached US$18.36 billion while export at US$10.25 billion, according to the Central Bureau of Statistic (BPS).

Source: ANTARA News

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