Police confirm no casualties in Gubeng sinkhole incident

Surabaya, E Java(ANTARA News) - Police confirmed on Wednesday that the appearance of massive sinkhole on Gubeng Highway in East Javas capital city of Surabaya on late Tuesday has claimed no lives.

"Last night I inspected (the scene) and received a report from the search and rescue team that the sinkhole claimed no lives," Chief of the East Java Provincial Police Insp. Gen. Luki Hermawan said.

According to Luki, the police have held a meeting with related institutions to take further measures following the incident.

"Because it will have a serious impact when the rain comes. There are water canals. We will close this big hole to prevent the (rain) water from filling it," he said.

A massive sinkhole with a depth of approximately 20 meters, 100 meters in length and 30 meters in width appeared at Gubeng Highway at 09.15 p.m local time on Tuesday, in front of Siloam Hospital.

Based on a preliminary observation conducted by the Surabaya geological team, the land around the sinkhole are still unstable.

Therefore, the police have called on the public to stay away from the scene, and some residents should be evacuated from their houses.

A team of geological experts from Jakarta would be sent to investigate the cause of the sinkhole.

"The police have questioned three witnesses who are the workers of a project near the scene, and took some evidence," he said.

The police have closed the road and rerouted the traffic to other roads.

A construction project under PT Nusa Engineering operation in the location is suspected as one cause of the sinkhole.

Reporting by Indra Setiawan/Willy Irawan/Slamet Agus Sudarmojo/ Hanif Nashrullah, Sri Haryati

Source: ANTARA News

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