E Governor-elect explores technology cooperation with Taiwan

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - East Java governor-elect Khofifah Indar Parawansa and the program navigation team visited Taiwan on Saturday to explore cooperation in technology with Taiwan.

During her visit, Khofifah also visited Radio Taiwan International (RTI), which has a number of programs on Indonesian language, as stated by an Indonesian RTI journalist, Tony Thamsir, in a statement received by Antara here Sunday.

According to Tony, Khofifahs visit to Taiwan was the second time. Her latest visit was focused more on exploring cooperation with several large-scale companies in Taiwan, including Taiwans oil company China Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and national telecommunications services company Chunghwa Telecom.

Khofifah said while visiting CPC, she discussed opportunities for cooperation between CPC and East Java, especially because the province has the second largest source of natural gas in Indonesia after Riau.

CPC Taiwan is expected to invest in the construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal in East Java once Khofifah has been officially inaugurated as the Governor of East Java in February 2019.

The need for LNG terminal in East Java is considered very urgent to be constructed soon.

Khofifah also told about battery technology produced by Gogoro Smartscooter.

During her visit to the company, Khofifah and the team learned how the company succeeded in producing Gogoro Smartscooter, which is an electric motorcycle and widely used by Taiwanese in order to save energy and care for the environment.

The electric motor technology is expected to be applied in East Java. One of the technologies is a battery replacement and charging system which can be done in six seconds by Gogoro Smartscooter users.

For Khofifah, the latest technology should be seen by Indonesians in order to welcome the industrial revolution 4.0 as well as increase effectiveness and improve peoples welfare.

Source: ANTARA News

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