Medics Expected to Be Active in Socializing Dengue Fever to Residents

Jakarta Assistant for Public Welfare (Askesra), Catur Laswanto expects Community Health Center (Puskesmas) medics to be more active to monitor and socialize residents about dengue fever prevention and transmission.

He conveyed it while attending coordination meeting at City Hall with Puskesmas administrators who work in urban villages, sub-districts, regions, and RSUDs.

"We have instructed all medics in Puskesmas and RSUD to participate actively by visiting settlements thus dengue transmission can be suppressed," he mentioned, Saturday (2/2).

He assessed, Puskesmas and RSUD medics should improve their synergy with urban villages, sub-districts, and public figures such as by eradicating mosquitoes nests (PSN) on the settlements.

"Medics can also educate residents door-to-door by inviting wiggler hunter (Jumantik) cadres," he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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