South Jakarta Mayor Wants ASN to Act as Independent Jumantik

South Jakarta civil apparatuses (ASN) expected to be Independent Jumantik (Mosquito Larvae Monitor) to prevent spread of aedes aegypti mosquitoes that carry dengue virus.

South Jakarta Mayor, Marullah Matali said, there are 1,012 apparatuses in mayor office not included the other offices in South Jakarta. Thus he wants all South Jakarta apparatuses to eliminate mosquito nest to suppress dengue fever (DBD) cases.

"I want all UKPD and SKPD to act as Independent Jumantik. We should be serious and give our best to handle this case. Mosquito Nest Eradication (PSN) is usually done in 30 minutes, but in areas prone to DBD, it could take more than 30 minutes," he conveyed while giving instruction to ASN at Mayor Office, Monday (2/4).

He also asked South Jakarta Health Sub-department to give fast response in handling DBD patients and make sure its treatment is not hampered due to administration procedures.

"I want patients to be handled seriously from the first treatment without referring them to other hospitals, as in Pasar Minggu RSUD," he added.

He also encourages South Jakartans to be more aware of their environment. PSN should be intensified thus it could suppress aedes aegypti mosquito breed.

"South Jakartans should know how to take care their environment well," he asserted.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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