Dengue Education Shared to SDN Menteng Dalam 07 Students

Dengue fever cases continue to mark the ongoing rainy season, challenging Jakarta and its surrounding areas to prevent the spread of the disease, especially in South Jakarta.

To minimize its case, dengue fever education is given to 500 students of SDN Menteng Dalam 07, Tebet Sub-district, South Jakarta, Wednesday (2/6).

Menteng Dalam Urban Village Head, Rahmat Mulyadi said students are given some ways to prevent and handle mosquito larvae.

"Every teacher and student must be more sensitive about the spread of mosquito larvae and do prevention through 3M: mengubur (bury), menguras (drain) and menutup (cover)," he stated.

They must also actively continue participating in preventing mosquito bites by using abate powder larvicide in their home water containers, maintain mosquito larvae fishes, planting mosquito repellent plants, adjust the house's light and ventilation, and get used to folding hanging clothes.

One of students, Muhammad Fauzan (10), admitted that he would run the directives in his house.

"After going home, I will immediately check the bucket and bathtub, and ask my mother to buy abate," he told.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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