MK Learns the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s Public Diplomacy Technique

Staff of the AACC Permanent Secretariat and Foreign Cooperation Section Work Unit (MK) visited the Directorate of Public Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Wednesday (02/06/2019). The meeting was held at the initiative of the Constitutional Court with the aim of obtaining basic diplomacy sciences for employees in charge of the international relations of the Constitutional Court. In addition, this goal is to learn first hand the implementation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs international forum, one of which is the Bali Democracy Forum .

Received directly by the Director of Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Azis Nurwahyudi who was accompanied by the Head of Sub Directorate of Actual and Strategic Issues Agus Heryana, the MKRI delegation received an explanation of the importance of diplomacy for Indonesia's existence in the eyes of the world. A diplomat has 5 main functions, namely representing, negotiationg, promoting, reporting and protecting . Especially for the AACC Permanent Secretariat and Foreign Cooperation Cooperation Unit , said Azis, at least must have and carry out the first four functions properly. In particular, Azis also emphasized that in carrying out public diplomacy it must be based on slogan to win the heart and mind of the people . "If they are aware and love with us, it will be easier to diplomaticize our country's interests, "Azis said.

Furthermore, during the question and answer session, the MKRI delegation gained much knowledge about the holding of international events hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially the Bali Democracy Forum which is one of the prestigious international event platforms in the international world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained the process of determining the theme of the forum, determining the speaker and the limits of the discussion, as well as the tricks carried out so that delegates from abroad could freely convey their experiences and opinions.

Closing the meeting, Azis hoped that the visit of the AACC Permanent Secretariat Working Unit and MK Foreign Cooperation would not be the first and last visit. However, it is the starting point of cooperation between the AACC Permanent Secretariat and the Constitutional Court Foreign Cooperation with the Directorate of Public Diplomacy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both in the provision of diplomacy techniques, the holding of workshops and other activities that can be synergized together.

The meeting which was held in the Main Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Central Jakarta was attended by 11 people from the Constitutional Court with 3 internship students from Australia. This meeting is also expected to be part of the preparation for the holding of the International Symposium of the Constitutional Court which is planned to be held in November 2019. (IH / LA)


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