Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court: Simultaneous Election 2019, the Most Elected Election in Indonesia

The Constitutional Court (MK) held a press conference on the theme "Realizing Electoral Justice in Simultaneous General Elections in 2019" at the Yogyakarta Islamic University of Yogyakarta and a media visit to the newspaper "Kedaulatan Rakyat Yogyakarta" and met in Jogja TV on Friday ( 8/2/2019).

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Anwar Usman, in a press conference confirmed that the 2019 election which took place simultaneously became one of the most complicated elections that Indonesia experienced. "The 2019 election is the first election that takes place simultaneously in Indonesia and will be difficult because there are 5 ballot boxes," he said.

This decision originated from the Constitutional Court Decision Number 14 / PUU-XI / 2013 which granted the request of the Civil Society Coalition for Simultaneous Election in 2013. At that time, the Constitutional Court Justices canceled the implementation of Article 3 paragraph (5), Article 12 paragraph (1) and (2) , Article 14 paragraph (2) and Article 112 of Law Number 42 of 2008 concerning the Election of the President and Vice-President (Presidential Election Law) governing the Presidential Election are held within three months after the implementation of the Pileg. In other words, Pilpres and Pileg aka not simultaneously.

Furthermore, Anwar explained that the Constitutional Court socialized not only the procedural law, but also the process since the beginning of the election from October 2018 to March 2019. The purpose of the socialization was so that people could exercise their rights without anyone cheating and being influenced by money politics. In addition, socialization was prioritized to emphasize the importance of organizers with integrity.

Anwar also stressed that this socialization was intended for all parties involved, including political parties, election organizers, advocates, KPU, and Bawaslu. "It's horrifying because in 2014 there were 900 cases. Even though it hasn't been implemented simultaneously. What needs to be considered is the friction between political parties and the votes of candidates in one political party. How chaotic if it is not managed properly. So that the Constitutional Court socializes for prevention, "he said.

During the question and answer session, Journalists from Sasando FM, Jupiter asked about the Election Law which was very complicated to implement. "Is there no simpler way for the electoral system not to change. The number of political parties is very large. The Court has the authority to resolve disputes and fix political parties. Please explain, "he asked.

Meanwhile, Anwar replied that several laws were put together so that there were many articles. It's complicated, but it must be sorted out. "No matter how good the law depends on the election organizers, including other institutions related to the election and the press that gives enlightenment. Especially related to universities that also have moral obligations, "he replied.

Anwar continued, related to the Election Law, it must lead to the principle of overflowing so that all institutions related to the election must provide hope and justice for the community. So that elections are expected to have integrity, especially as the state has incurred enormous costs and resources. One reason for simultaneous elections is budget efficiency.

At the end of the press conference, Anwar thanked the media colleagues for their participation in ensuring elections with integrity without any money politics, pressure and fraud from the organizers so that trust in the election results was high. The Court also thanked UII for initiating this activity with the aim of realizing elections with integrity. The hope is that the results of the legislative election and the Pilres will not be disputed. (Bayu / LA)

Source: Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia

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