Kominfo Tests 700 MHz for PPDR in Ujung Kulon and Pandeglang

Jakarta, Ministry of Communication and Information - The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology will test the use of 700 MHz frequency for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) in Ujung Kulon and Pandeglang.

"We collaborated with SDPPI friends at the Directorate of Structuring. We try to re-map areas that often occur in disasters, then regions that have not used the 700 MHz frequency are used later to broadcast disaster information (Early Warning System), "said Director of Broadband Development, Directorate General of Postal and Informatics Organizations Ministry of Communication and Information, Benjamin Sura at the Ministry of Communication and Information Office, Thursday (07/02/2019).

According to the Director of Broadband Development, the results of the initial mapping of radio frequency in the region showed that the 700 MHz frequency was not used for analog television channels.

"The technical plan for the trial is currently being drafted by the Directorate of Broadband Development with the Directorate of Resource Management, Directorate General of Post and Information Technology Resources. In the trial, the disaster warning will be broadcast on television and local radio broadcasts in the two regions," he explained.

During this time, the broadcast of the disaster warning as a result of cooperation between the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) was broadcast via short message (SMS). In the future, according to Benyamin Sura, the disaster warning through will be broadcast in the form of live broadcasts on local television and radio.

"So for example, there is a disaster in an area. Then it was broadcasted via SMS blast. Now what has happened so far, at the time the BMKG said that a disaster had occurred and for example a tsunami would occur, the community would now have less care with SMS blasts. Broadcast warning of disaster through TV and radio is more effective, "said Benjamin.

Not only stop at Ujung Kulon and Pandeglang, in the future, trials will be held for areas prone to natural disasters outside Java. "In addition to fault areas and disaster-prone volcanoes, areas that can be targeted for testing are not covered by analog television channels at a frequency of 700 MHz," said Benjamin Sura.

This trial plan has been supported by the House of Representatives Commission I. In the last working meeting at the DPR RI Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (01/16/2019) Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara said that trials of various applications related to disaster will also be carried out at a 700 MHz frequency in collaboration with BMKG, the National Disaster Management Agency ( BNPB) and the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG).

Source: Ministry of Communication and Information

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