Attending Public Relations Coordination Meeting of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Minister of Communication and Information Reminds Public Relations of Anticipating Hoaxes

Jakarta, Kominfo - Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara stated that efforts to ward off hoaxes, especially those related to the simultaneous General Elections in April 2019, need to be supported by public relations officials (public relations).

"The role of public relations is needed in carrying out its duties while being neutral as the State Civil Apparatus (ASN)," he said at the Ministry of Home Affairs National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) in Jakarta, Monday (11/2/2019).

In front of the public relations environment of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) from regencies and cities throughout Indonesia, Minister Rudiantara stated that to create a quality election needed anticipation of speeches of hatred, slander, hoaxes and hoaxes ahead of the simultaneous elections.

"Before we talk about hoax, we think that hoax is the same as a car, a bus, a truck, a pedicab, a motorbike, etc. that we call content, all vehicles will not run if there is no roadway. digital technology, "said Minister of Communication and Information.

To support this, the Ministry of Communication and Information has prepared a special website for content complaints from the public.

"The government always wants to be transparent, so every day the report can be seen from regarding several verified daily hoaks. I also ask for support from the public and the media to report if there are hoaxes, we will verify and validate, after that to media friends to be conveyed to the public, "said Minister Rudiantara.

Minister Rudiantara also said that the Government always took a policy of partiality for the community. Therefore, the steps to ward off hoax are also accelerated by the dissemination of digital literacy and how internet services can be utilized by the community to build a business.

"In 2015, the Government adopted a policy of aligning the right to access to digital and high speed internet to become the right of all Indonesian people, so if the operators see no business opportunity, the government will enter, this is what the government is doing," said Minister Rudiantara.

According to the Minister of Communication and Information, not all 514 Regencies / Cities in Indonesia are business feasible areas for operators, both Telkom, Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and other operators. Because there are some islands that are not business-worthy. So, the government is here to provide internet services to the public.

Minister Rudiantara also said, one type of hoax that has begun to decline is the number of fraudulent SMS on behalf of family, relatives or even parents. According to him, the public has begun to be aware of the types of fraud or hoax information in the SMS format.

"Alhamdulillah, now prepaid registrations make many Indonesians more comfortable, if in the past people were easily tricked by mama asking for credit and so on, now there are those who try to cheat but quickly and swiftly we from the Ministry of Communication and Information immediately chase after it. we increase the database of dukcapil in Indonesia, "said Minister Rudiantara. **

Source: Ministry of Communication and Information

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