Minister of Communication and Information: Digital Technology Extends Transactions More Sharia

Jakarta, Kominfo - Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara explained, the use of digital technology from various applications has provided a vast space to transact more sharia.

"What allows this to happen is nothing but the presence of digital technology infrastructure that has been prepared by the government," he said at the National Seminar on Technology and Innovation for the Future of Islamic Finance at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/13/2019 )

Indonesia as the largest Muslim country in the world that has a potential market for the development of Islamic economy based on populist economy, needs to develop the Islamic financial industry and business well. Because various Islamic financial institutions have emerged and developed, such as Islamic Banking, Tafakul, Sharia Cooperatives and Islamic Capital Markets.

Minister Rudiantara said, talking about how to transact financially using digital technology, actually the sanctions did not change because finance remained financial. However, the new way is in accordance with the development of communication technology.

"Do not be considered as a technology that disrupts conventional financial transactions, because what disrupts it is our mindset regarding how to change the way, or disrupting it is the way people use technology, so don't deify the technology, but people who want to change ways," he said.

According to the Minister of Communication and Information, everyone must change the way they think about the benefits of technology so they are not wrong in using it. Minister Rudiantara gave an example of efforts to use technology because of the need for speed in carrying out daily activities.

"For example, for example, I want to go back to the office from here (Indonesian Stock Exchange Building), I stop the taxi in front, any taxi. In general, our attention goes to Sudirman to my office that we see buildings or what? "This argument is fast or not," said Minister Rudiantara.

Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara said, through various kinds of applications that exist today, people want to use any type of transportation, such as Go-Jek or even four-wheeled vehicles, including carrying out the functions of sharia.

"I'm sorry I'm not a sharia expert, but if I think it's more 'sharia' because it's clearer. If we take a taxi but we don't know how much we want to pay, by road we don't know yet, but if the application starts from the driver, the road will where everything is taken and the price estimates are already there, "said Minister Rudiantara.

The National Seminar held by the Financial Technology Professionals Community (KPPTK), presented the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of KH Ma'ruf Amin Sharia Economic Community as the Keynote Speech. In addition, there were also several speakers from experts and business people involved in sharia fintench, such as Deputy Chair of the National Economic and Industrial Committee Arif Budimanta, OJK Digital Financial Innovation Group Advisor Widyo Gunadi, Director of IT and Risk Management at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Fithri Hadi and several other sources. **

Source: Ministry of Communication and Information

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