Tidung Puskesmas Health Service Appreciated by Locals


The South Thousand Islands Community Health Center (Puskesmas) in Tidung Island Urban Village gets appreciation by local citizens.

As expressed by Zain (27), a citizen of Tidung Island expressed that health services provided have been quite good.

“I felt it when I accompanied parents who were hospitalized due to hypertension and stroke,” he expressed, Wednesday (2/13).

He hoped that Jakarta Provincial Government could renovate the puskesmas to accommodate more patients.

Tidung Island Urban Village Head, Cecep Suryadi stated, until now, the puskesmas is quite active in helping the urban village in health programs for the elderly and toddlers.

“We are quite helped by health and counseling programs held on the island,” he told.

South Thousand Islands Puskesmas Head, Syukur Pelianus said, until now and before being referred to the hospital, his side still provides 24-hour service to citizens for common illnesses and hospitalizations for maternity patients, heart, hypertension, and diarrhea.

The current facilities include dental poly, pregnant USG, EKG for heart disease and laboratory blood tests. Every day, the puskesmas is able to serve between 60-70 patients, and doctors on duty are 6 persons and 15 midwives.

“Every Wednesday, we also bring patients with hypertension, heart disease and childhood diseases who need specialists to Pramuka Island Hospital,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta