21 Vehicles Towed Under Becakayu Toll Due to Illegal Parking

21 vehicles were towed by joint officers from Transportation Sub-department (Sudinhub), Satwil Lantas, Garnisun, POM, and TNI on the road under Becakayu Toll, near Jalan Inspeksi Saluran Kali Malang, East Jakarta, Thursday (2/14).

" We deploy 90 joint personnel to do vehicle operation"

East Jakarta Sudinhub's Monitoring Section Head, Slamet Dahlan stated, vehicle operation is done because his side found many vehicles parked illegally under Becakayu Toll every day.

"We deploy 90 joint personnel to do vehicle operation," he informed, Thursday (2/14).

His side has given socialization to road users before conducting vehicle operation.

"This is done to make them follow the applicable regulations," he added.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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