Amarta Requests City to Hold Kampung Tematik Festival

According to Rico Sinaga, Amarta's Leader, this festival has positive impact in encouraging Jakartans to arrange their own villages as well as to maintain their local wisdom and lift their village's historical value.

"DKI Government can give awards for the winners as appreciation," he said, Thursday (2/14).

This way, he considered, villages in Jakarta would be potential as new tourism destination because residents arrange their villages to be comfort, beautiful, and has its own characteristic.

"Kampung Tematik Festival is the realization of collaborative participatory movement since residents are directly involved in it. We hope this festival can be held annually thus locals have self-awareness to maintain their villages in a good condition," he explained.

For information, this year Jakarta Government plans to start village arrangement program using Community Action Plan (CAP) concept in Jakarta.

According to plan, this program is about to be implemented in 60 RWs with total budget Rp 320 billion.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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