Case Files for Distribution of KTP-el and KK Data Already P-21

Jakarta, Kominfo - The end of the re-registration period of the Prepaid Card Registration Program does not stop the site maker from distributing the NIK data (Population Registration Number) and KK Number (Family Card). "At present, the case file for the distribution of NIK data through the website has been declared complete by the Attorney General's Office. This case has been processed by the Ministry of Communication and Information through the Directorate General of Information Applications since the prepaid registration program began," said the Director General of Investigation and Enforcement of the Aptika , Teguh Arifiyadi at the Office of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (02/13/2019).

According to Teguh, a number of sites that spread the list of NIKs and KK numbers without appearing at the start of the prepaid SIM Card Registration Program in 2017. The site link also spreads in many rooms of messaging messages and social media platforms.

"At the initiative of the Directorate General of Aptika, to make the program friends successful in the Directorate General of Post and Information Technology, we investigate which sites are spreading the content. The preventive step of the Content Control Sub Directorate (at that time, red.) Is to terminate access. So we cut off access to sites that provide free NIK and KK numbers, "Teguh explained.

Teguh continued, new sites that provide similar services continued to appear even though the Ministry of Communication and Information continued to block. "Finally we decided to find out exactly who was behind the NIK service and the KK number. After conducting a two-month investigation, we found that the perpetrators were domiciled in the Kab. "Klaten, Central Java," he explained.

According to Teguh, the results of investigations in the field, including the results of the search for various digital traces, ushered a team from the Directorate General of Aptika to a 30-year-old man who runs a business buying and selling online. In addition to his busy life as a merchant in one of the marketplaces , he runs free NIK service sites and KK numbers. In addition, he was also allegedly the owner of the most similar sites.

"According to the suspect's confession, his motivation to make these sites is to help many of his friends who sell new cellular prepaid numbers, especially those who run unofficial outlets," Teguh said.

Teguh also explained that owners of similar sites do not work in a network or conspiracy, but are managed by individuals who usually do not know each other. Furthermore, the number of NIKs and KK numbers that are displayed by these sites is estimated to reach hundreds of thousands.

"The number that has been circulated is even allegedly far greater. Unfortunately, because the perpetrators had tried to destroy the evidence before the team from the Directorate General of Aptika managed to intervene, only about 5,000 to 10,000 numbers were found," Teguh explained.

The Head of Sub Directorate of Investigation and Enforcement of the Directorate General of Aptika confirmed that until now his party is still continuing the investigation. He explained that the suspect had recently gone through the first trial, and would undergo three to four sessions before the verdict.

Source: Ministry of Communication and Information

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