Chairman of the Constitutional Court: Politics with the Purpose of Upholding Justice

A number of 160 members of the Prosperous Justice Party (SME) attended the Technical Guidance on the Legal Procedure of the Settlement of the Result of the Election Result of the 2019 General Election at Pancasila and Constitution Education Center, Bogor, on Thursday - Saturday (14 - 16/2/2019). In the official opening of this event, Chairman of the Constitutional Court Anwar Usman stated that justice is the main thing for the upholding of a pillar of law that creates a prosperous and prosperous nation.

Anwar acknowledges that politics is identical with power. But if it is intended to uphold justice, then there will be no dispute that breaks the unity of the nation. If the election participants think the purpose of obtaining a job, whether as a president, a member of the House of Representatives, DPD, or DPRD for worship, it will be a great reward.

"And of course, it will have a positive impact on the good and well-implemented mandate, which is the real meaning of real justice," said Anwar, who was present with PKA DPP Legal and Human Rights Department Chairman Zainuddin Paru and Advocacy Team Leader Agus SP Otto.

Through this bimtek also, added Anwar, MK invites members of the SMEs to carefully examine and study the procedures and legal provisions of the settlement of the dispute over the Election Result 2019 which will be presented with expert speakers in law and state governance. So when SMEs have to deal with disputes, SMEs can invite the truth in justice at the court hearing on the Constitutional Court.

"By addressing Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, the legal proceedings of the litigation proceedings of the 2019 general election for the Prosperous Justice Party formally declare," Anwar's closing conclusion.

Justice of Justice

Zainuddin Paru, representing the presentation of SME President's speech, said that PKS as one of the political parties is part of the pillar of democracy. The democracy can go well, Zainuddin added, if each party has integrity and uphold justice. "So the Constitutional Court is a viable place to learn about justice," said Zainuddin.

Admittedly Zainuddin, in 2004, SMEs first filed a case with the Court. At that time, PKS managed to retain the 31 seats that were sued. Furthermore, in 2005, SMEs had submitted the matter to the PKS Depok Municipal Election. Until the conclusion of SMEs and the Constitutional Court in search of justice has begun for a long time. For that, Zainuddin hopes to all bimtek participants who are central and regional representatives as well as advocates to be able to take seriously serious activities and learn from expert judges and academics. "This will be our supply, not just a litany but wider be the future leader," said Zainuddin.

The authority of the Constitutional Court

Meanwhile, the Head of Pancasila Education Center and the Constitution of Kurniasih Panti Rahayu in an activity report submitted the technical guidance agenda organized by the Constitutional Court is part of the authority of the Constitutional Court in Article 24C (1) of the 1945 Constitution that the Constitutional Court has the authority to decide on the election outcome. Therefore, the MK assessed the completion of PHPU matter not only determined by the performance of the Court, but also various parties.

"Includes electoral contestants from political parties as Petitioners or Related Parties as well as advocates who accompany so need to understand the law of appeals to the MK," until Kurniasih in front of participants of the 19 th wave of the 42 bimtek activities held by Pusdik MK ahead of the Co-General Election 2019.

During bimtek activities, all participants will receive the legalization of events from various experts in the law and state of affairs, among them Suhartoyo Constitutional Court, MK Muhidin Court, and MK Mardian Wibowo Researcher. In addition, after obtaining the materials the participants will be guided directly to draft the Petitioners' request and the Related Parties Information PHPU DPR, DPR, and DPRD Year 2019 by several mentors from the MK Researcher. (Sri Pujianti / LA)


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