Chairman of the ITRB: Optimism Builds a Digital Economy for National Interest

Jakarta, Kominfo - Director General of Post and Information Technology Resources (SDPPI) Ismail MT who also serves as Chair of the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (BRTI) said that the development of telecommunications infrastructure specifically to develop the digital economy must require a high sense of optimism from every citizen.

This was conveyed when the BRTI board of directors visited the Telkom Group in Jakarta, on Monday (02/18/2019). The visit was also accompanied by Deputy Chairperson of BRTI, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, who also served as Director General of Application and Information of the Ministry of Communication and Information.

"Unicorns in Indonesia no longer talk about the corporation's angle, but the angle of the interests of the entire community, both quality, talent and all other elements. Other related matters also aim to make our country ready to face the digital economic era, so that all of that must be seen as a whole, "said Ismail.

Ismail said that with optimism, Indonesia would be ready to become the host of all competitions. Thus, all forms of efforts and partiality in the regulatory policy cannot be denied that all of them are in the national interest.

"We want all policies made to make Indonesia host in many ways. Therefore, it is this commitment to build a digital economy that makes us discuss with all the fathers in the Telkom Group to restore enthusiasm and build trust, "Ismail said.

Regarding industrial efficiency, Ismail explained, if using competitive eyewear, BRTI today gained a sense of optimism from the Telkom Group in building a digital economy in Indonesia.

"To maintain the efficiency of this industry, we have to talk in the future, we want to design this competition still exists. But if we think that, in time we will return to 1999, it doesn't seem possible either. So, we certainly have to make a condition of good competition, "he added.

Ismail added, the ultimate goal of optimism for the digital economy is of course so that people can enjoy the services provided by the government and industry. However, if the condition or feeling of being pessimistic is left unchecked, the symptoms will show things that are heading towards a slowdown and weakening of the industry.

"So how do we maintain efficiency? For example, using the Palapa Ring. Because the basic concept of Palapa Ring is not built for a separate network, we start from that base which is a development that is not built by the telecommunications industry, so connectivity must occur in the West, Central and East, "he added.

After holding discussions and sharing opinions, the ranks of the BRTI management visited a number of places in the Telkom Group which presented Indonesia's preparation for the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. At the end of the visit, Ismail wrote a testimony for the Telkomsel Integrated Operations Center (IOC). **

Source: Ministry of Communication and Information

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