Channel Normalization at Jalan Musik Raya Reaches 45 Percent

A water channel, which is still being normalized on Jalan Musik Raya, RW 07, Pegangsaan Dua Urban Village, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta has reached 45 percent. It is targeted to be completed in three weeks ahead.

Normalization is conducted up to 158 meters length. It includes repairing and widening of channel from 60 centimeters into 1 meter.

"Prior to repair, it was full of mud and unoptimal. I saw its sheetpiles also broken," he expressed, Monday (2/18).

It is also downstream of the micro channel in the residential area, RW 05. As a result, because of unoptimal channel, it triggers a puddle.

Despite the work is unfinished, water from the channel can already flow smoothly towards the Accordion connecting channel.

"After this work, hopefully it can overcome puddle in RW 05, Pegangsaan Dua," he hoped.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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