Jokowis B100 vision difficult to achieve: Indef

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Incumbent presidential candidate Joko Widodos (Jokowi) vision to develop 100 percent blended biodiesel (B100) will be difficult to achieve, Director of Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef) Berly Martawardaya noted.

"B100 is a bit difficult to achieve, as most of 100 percent blended biodiesel is not working, while the maximum mixture of biodiesel is usually 40 percent," he said in a phone interview here on Sunday.

Martawardaya, who is also a lecturer at Business and Economy Faculty of University of Indonesia (UI), pointed out that B100 is even difficult to be developed in Europe, where their concern about the environment is relatively higher.

Hence, he deplored Jokowis renewable energy vision that only highlights palm oil development. In fact, Indonesia has many other potential renewable energy resources, such as wind mill, hydro energy, solar energy, and geothermal.

"When we talk about renewable energy, we used to talking about wind, water, solar, or geothermal energy, but they were not mentioned. It was weird, in fact, some of them has been operating, including a wind mill in Sidrap," he said.

Martawardaya expressed hope that Jokowis commitment to push the use of renewable energy and implement sustainable development could reach 23 percent in 2025.

At present, the portion of its usage is only 8 percent.

Jokowo said he would develop B100 energy, or 100 percent of gasoline mixture, as a national renewable energy program.

"We have produced 98 percent of B20. It means that B20 has been done, and now we are going to B100," he said during the second presidential debate in Jakarta on Sunday.

Source: ANTARA News

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