KPKP Department Plants 1,000 Melon Seeds in Cilangkap Agro Tourism

Jakarta Maritime Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Department plants 1,000 melon seeds in 2,500 meters land of Cilangkap Agro Tourism, Cipayung, East Jakarta, Monday (2/18).

Jakarta KPKP Department's Center for Seed Development and Plant Protection, Ali Nurdin said, his side uses land development and usage method for this planting. Previously, his side has tried to plant and harvest 300 gold melon and rock melon. One melon tree can produce 1 fruit with 1.5 kg in average.

"These 1,000 melon seeds are hopefully ready to be moved to poly bags in these two weeks. Then it will be harvested next month," he mentioned, Monday (2/18).

Source: Berita Jakarta

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