September, Communal IPALs Construction Near Sentiong River Completed

PD. PAL Jaya is targeting in September 2019 to complete mini communal wastewater treatment plant (IPAL) near Sentiong River, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. It is used to reduce waste pollution in Sentiong River.

PD. PAL Jaya President Director, Subekti stated, his side is about to socialize local residents about mini communal construction plan this week.

"We plan to build 20 mini communal IPALs and two interceptors for the pilot project. Our target is to complete it in September," he mentioned, Monday (2/18).

According to him, 20 mini communal IPALs are about to be built on Jalan Serdang 1, Jalan Serdang 5, and Jalan Serdang 6. Then, two interceptors in Kemayoran Sub-district office and pump house.

"Locals to be socialized by this week," he added.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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