78 SMKs in Jakarta Have LSP-P1 Licenses

National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) has given licenses to 78 vocational schools (SMK)s in Jakarta to act as the First-Party Professional Certification Agency (LSP-P1).

" We want 86 SMKs to have LSP-P1 licenses this year"

Besides those 78 SMKs, Jakarta Education Department (Disdik)'s Vocational School Department's Students and Character Building Section Head, Waluyo Hadi conveyed, the other 8 SMKs are still undergoing witness and assessment process from BNSP.

"We want 86 SMKs to have LSP-P1 licenses this year," he asserted, Wednesday (2/20).

Starting this year, Skill Competency Test (UKK) which is done to assess SMK students in Jakarta uses Competency Certification Test (USK) scheme.

"This year, budget allocated for USK through LSP-P1 scheme is given to 9 thousand SMK students in XII grade," he informed.

Most assessors who have been assigned as the examiners of 78 LSP-P1 are vocational teachers who have passed the assessor training test and have assessor certificates from BNSP.

"USK is held on April 1-March 3, 2019," he said.

SMK students who have passed the test will get certificates thus other parties can recognize their skills in order to get professional position. It will facilitate SMK students to be employed in industry because they have skill certification recognized by BNSP.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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