Dengue Fever Prevention, Baru Urban Village Intensifies PSN Movement

Mosquito Nest Eradication (PSN) movement is intensified in Baru Urban Village, Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta. PSN movement is done in 10 RWs and 79 RTs.

" We hope dengue fever (DBD) could be prevented early"

"We want none of our residents to be infected with dengue virus," stated Ali Mansyur Suregar, Baru Urban Village Head, Wednesday (2/20).

Every day, his side deploys 89 wiggler hunters (Jumantik) as well as residents, RT/RW administrators, and 50 Public Facility Maintenance Agency (PPSU) to eradicate mosquito nests.

In this movement, his side conducts drain, buried, cover (3M) action and communal work to maintain cleanliness in their neighborhood.

"We hope dengue fever (DBD) can be prevented early and residents participate in PSN movement," he mentioned.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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