Indonesia stops e-ID issuance for foreigners until after elections

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Government would temporarily stop the issuance of electronic identity card (e-ID) for foreigners until after the 2019 general elections to end polemics on the issue, a top government official said.

"We will stop it temporarily until the situation is conducive. Maybe after the elections," Director General for Public Administration and Civil Registration of the Home Affairs Ministry Zudan Arif Fakrulloh stated here on Wednesday.

Since the issuance of law no. 24/2013 on public administration, which stipulated requirement for certain foreigners to have e-ID, the office had issued some 1.6 thousand e-ID for foreigners, most of them in Bali and Java.

Under article 63 of the law, foreigners above 17 years old, or those who are married or once had married and hold permanent stay permit, must have an e-ID.

But, the e-ID could not be used to vote in the elections, he remarked, adding that the law has firmly stated that eligible voters and candidates must be Indonesians.

"All foreigners who stay in Indonesia do not have political rights to cast a vote or to be voted," he remarked.

News of a Chinese worker with an e-ID in Cianjur, West Java, went viral last week. The Chinese workers e-ID card had the same identity number as that of an Indonesian, who is registered as an eligible voter for the elections.

The case has been handled by the authority.

Source: Antara News

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