1,000 IKMs Targeted to Participate in Design and Logo Training

Jakarta Industry and Energy Agency is targeting 1,000 small and medium industries (IKM) to participate in design and logo packaging training this year.

" "Last year training had been given to 490 IKMs"

According to Elisabeth Ratu Rante Allo, Section Head of Industry for Jakarta Industry and Energy Agency, participants are coached IKM and IKM, which had passed the training stage of Integrated Entrepreneurship Development (PKT), which is engaged in culinary, fashion and craft.

"Last year training had been given to 490 IKMs. And this year there is a significant increase compared to last year," she expressed, Thursday (2/28).

The training will be divided into 25 stages with a target number of 40 IKM per stage.

"It will run for four days. For the first stage, we will hold it on February 19-22," she stated.

Every participant would get knowledge of packaging, brands, including its making.

"Packaging is an important part of promotion. So, it must be made attractive or eye catching," she told.

She also opened a consultation session with experts in the fields of packaging and design.

"Herein we also educate thus the brand and design of product logos do not violate the rules or Intellectual Property Rights (HaKI)," he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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