6 Pilot Project Schools Built Using Eco-Friendly and Disabled-Friendly Concepts

Jakarta Education Department (Disdik) has completed construction of six schools for a pilot project.

" These schools are built with eco-friendly and disabled-friendly concepts"

This week, Jakarta Disdik Head, Ratiyono plans to inaugurate six schools, which are SMPN 59 Kemayoran, SDN Susukan 09, SDN Lagoa 01/02, SDN Cengkareng 07/08, SDN Pondok Labu 01/05, and last, SDN Untung Jawa 01 in Thousand Islands.

These are 6 of 98 schools that have been totally renovated in 2018. Ratiyono mentioned that previously Disdik has allocated Rp 1.8 trillion to carry out total renovation of 98 schools in Jakarta.

"These schools are built with eco-friendly and disabled-friendly concepts. It is also equipped with solar panel for its electricity source," Ratiyono said, Tuesday (3/5).

He hopes these schools can be used as soon as possible and gives new atmosphere to the students thus they can study better.

Source Berita Jakarta

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