Office Buildings Must Prevent Mosquito Larvae Growth

In order to anticipate dengue fever (DBD), Jakarta Health Department wants each offices in Jakarta to have mosquito larvae controllers (Jumantik cadres) to control mosquito larvae, especially aedes aegypti larvae.

" We need public participation to ensure mosquito-free environment "

Jakarta Health Department Head, Widyastuti assessed, it needs to be done as it is mentioned in Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 6/2007 about Control of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and Governor Instruction (Ingub) No.7/2019 about Treatment of Increasingly Occurring Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.

"We need public participation to ensure mosquito-free environment in schools, offices, public spaces, terminals, settlements, public cemeteries, water reservoirs and others," he stated, Tuesday (3/5).

In this case, Jakarta Health Department provides training for people who wants to be Jumantik Cadres. Thus her side encourages office building administrators to coordinate with the nearest health center (puskesmas) for this purpose.

"I want contribution from all sides to prevent DBD as early as possible," she added.

Source Berita Jakarta

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