92,348 People have Registered MRT Trial Run

PT. MRT Jakarta Corporate Secretary, Muhamad Kamaluddin mentioned, there are 92,348 registrars who have registered online through http://ayocobamrtj.com to join Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) trial run from 10 AM yesterday.

" People are enthusiastic to join our MRT trial run program"

"People are enthusiastic to join our MRT trial run program. Currently, the passenger quota only remains 192,252 tickets for MRT trial run for March 12-24, 2019 period. Our target is 285,000 people to join during MRT trial period," he stated, Wednesday (3/6).

There is passenger quota limits for MRT trial run with consideration of passenger's safety and comfort. In this program, his side wants to give a chance for citizens who are interested to enjoy the new MRT train called Ratangga before it is operated commercially.

According to MRT Jakarta's data, most people choose to depart from Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (HI) Station with total 25,000 registrars and then from Lebak Bulus Station with total 19,000 registrars.

"Mostly, they choose to depart on Saturday (3/16) with total 19,000 registrars and 22,000 registrars to depart on Sunday (3/17)," he added.

His side hopes registrars who join this trial run program can give positive inputs for MRT Jakarta in order to improve its service in the future.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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