90 PJLPs Prepared to Manage New RPTRAs

As many as 90 employees of individual service providers (PJLP) will soon be tasked with managing the new child-friendly integrated public spaces (RPTRA).

Of 90 employees, 60 out of them will be sent to 10 RPTRAs in North Jakarta and 30 others to 5 RPTRAs in East Jakarta.

"Those employees had passed recruitment and selection stages last October. But we prioritize those who live near the RPTRA," said Community Empowerment Division Head, Kelik Miyarto, Friday (3/8).

They will be on duty immediately after the new RPTRA is inaugurated and handover dossier (BAST) processing from Jakarta Public Housing and Settlement Agency towards local urban village head.

"In total, we will have 1,838 employees to manage RPTRA," he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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