Iran remains active and independent, despite 40 years of sanction and pressure By Asieh Abbasi*

Who may condone, or even forget, the sacrifice and self-devotion whom Iranian did to redeem themselves of colonialism and combat the dominance and dictatorship prior and subsequent to Islamic Revolution.

Forty years ago, the revolutionary Iranian could determine their own destiny by toppling the colonialism and tyranny down, a state which superpowers do not, and will not, verve. From the very outset, the revolution has been deluged with animosities and defiance, continues so far and surely will continue.

Iran has been experienced enmities such as alluring the opposition groups inside the country and endeavoring to set the fuel for a civil standoffs, the eight-year imposed war against Iran and wholehearted support of powerful western countries from Saddam, staging the terrorist attacks and assassinating political and religious elites, trying to infiltrate politically, economically and culturally, inserting unilateral sanctions and in some cases multilaterally concomitant of flagrant violation of Human Rights.

These are the tiny samples of animosity of superpowers with the Islamic Revolution of Iran during the past forty years. It is crystal clear that the only reason of those animosities is the deployment of independent approach toward the superpowers and endeavoring to resist and self-sufficiency.

During the course of the history, no one can claim the trace of Iran in any aggression to a country or even wage any war toward neighbors. Confidently speaking, the resistance of Iranians against all these pressure is unbelievable, even for its enemies and in most cases many countries, particularly developing countries, have applauded such self-devotion and become the role model.

Only if all developing countries, especially those which are somehow political influence of the superpowers, rendered their support to each other, the superpowers may never exist in this way.

Fortunately, these pressures and exerting sanctions resulted reversely and not only Iranians become free from the reliance toward western countries, but, these hardships have made them brave and freedom-loving nation. They are, in some cases, inventive and pioneer in some fields. The Iranian scientists made a lot of progress in many different fields related to science and technology.

This innovation has not only established in scientific and technological issues, but, in a way, has impacted the foreign policy of Iran in international approaches. Looking fair to the endeavors and measures of Iran in foreign policy of this country whether in regional or international level indicates that Islamic Republic of Iran has bound itself to principles as respecting sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of all countries, especially the neighboring countries that some are involved in some internal disagreements.

In regard to those principles, Iran is committed to use non-interference approach in the internal affairs of other countries, emphasizing on dialog and interaction among opposition groups as we are witnessing in Syria, combating terrorism and extremism (the efforts of Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraq and Syria, of which have been praised), supporting the oppressed, especially Muslims in all over the world (as we witness in Palestine), as well as putting stress on maintenance of security and stability of the region.

Obviously, Middle East experiences daily challenges, yet Iran is still the safest country in the region. However, sadly to say, due to the strategic condition of Iran, the superpowers prefer intermingling Iran with the regional issues to fail progressing its development plans perfectly. Neighboring with 15 countries, which some of them are involved in internal disagreements is a big issue that Iran has always been encountered with.

One of the reasons why superpowers always try to stand as the counter point is that they are fully aware of the ability of Islamic Republic of Irans regional leadership in conducting negotiations that is in line with maintaining the certain right in obtaining science and nuclear technology with great powers and earning great victory.

In this regard, however, there are always people who intend to stick to chaos and autonomy rather than binding to the rule of law. A figure like Donald Trump -- who is the product of American democracy -- tries to disturb and nullify the deal by exerting dominance and dictatorship, yet we believe that if spirit of freedom evolves among the politicians of the developing countries, such behaviors will be wipe out.

Another concerned principle by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the foreign policy is the commitment to all international treaties and conventions. Yet, Iran has paid dearly for the withdrawal of delimitation of Iran and Iraq by Saddam, or withdrawal of Trump from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

From the very beginning of the revolution, Iranian people knew that it is difficult to grapple with the superpowers. But, we chose our way; and by the help of Allah, support of the governments, and freedom-seeking nations, we will continue our efforts as to be distinct in objectives and functions are the Iranians feature.

Source: Antara News

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